Suresh Nanwani

Suresh Nanwani is an adviser to ROCsalt and based in Manila. Until recently he served for many years as a senior staff at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) where he focused on organisational policy, integrity, accountability and compliance, as well as external and internal dispute and conflict resolution, and related codes of conduct. Drawing on his 28 years of international development experience Suresh now works as a consultant and academic. He is Honorary Associate Professor at the Australian National University; Visiting Professorial Fellow the University of New South Wales; and Visiting Research Fellow at Birkbeck University of London, lecturing on international financial institutions (IFIs), their governance, operational practice and applicable law in different countries.

Suresh has extensive experience in legal and project management aspects of development organisations, and in particular in relation to institutional issues of international financial institutions including the World Bank and regional development banks. At the ADB Suresh Nanwani co-authored its Accountability Mechanism policy (citizen-grievance mechanism for complaints on project design and implementation), and drove the establishment of the Office of Compliance Review Panel and Office of the Special Project Facilitator (investigating and supporting project dispute resolution). He is primary author of ADB’s ombuds policy for resolution of workplace concerns, and established the related (workplace dispute resolution) Office of the Ombudsperson.

Suresh has published extensively on IFIs, law and development, accountability mechanisms, dispute resolution, and institutional governance.