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By | May 25, 2016

The ROCsalt blog is a space intended for sharing and discussion of analysis, thoughts and views on issues associated with the reform of internationally operating organisations, their policies, structures and ways of working. We will also use it to share links to other resources that we find helpful in our area of work and that may be of interest to others.

Comments are welcome for a healthy debate which we hope will develop over time. Contributions will come from the ROCsalt network and others. If you would like to contribute please contact us by email using the form below, or via twitter at @Michael_ROCsalt. The contributions and any responses are moderated to keep the discussion open, fair and free of discrimination.

CC by-nc-nd 88x31Within the limits of other applicable rights and licenses, we would like to encourage wide dissemination of our blog content and open access resources for non-commercial purposes. Blogs and ROCsalt copyrighted open access resources are therefore shared under Creative Commons License by-nc-nd 4.0.

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